COVID-19 Discussion and Reference Page


With the enacting of the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, there has been a growing concern as to how to interpret the legislation. The information provided does not constitute legal advice or enforcement direction on the part of OAPSO and is solely for informational purposes only. Although, the Ontario Association of Property Standards Officers cannot interpret it for you, we would like to help facilitate a discussion for any questions regarding the EMCPA.


The hope of this page is to frame any and all EMCPA discussion so that municipalities can unify in their enforcement.

Below you will see the proposed information that will be required to start this discussion. If there is anything missing or you would like something added, please contact the Website Editor. For now, the information will be listed on this webpage. If the comments and questions become too much, a link will be attached to an excel spreadsheet so that the information is easier to access. Here is the proposed requested information:


  1. Municipality (origin)/contact person & number

  2. Issue – e.g. non-essential business – landscapers

  3. Reference – e.g. O.Reg. 82/80.

  4. Decision – e.g. deemed essential, including lawn maintenance, etc..


All discussions will be listed below. OAPSO has now enabled a comment section. This will hopefully allow for faster responses. If you have any questions, please refer them to the Website

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