How Can the Ontario Association of Property Standards Officers Help Your Municipality?

If you're new to the field of Property Standards, you may need some assistance. The Ontario Association of Property Standards Officers (OAPSO) is here to help. As the Provincially recognized experts in the field of Property Standards, our resources and experience can help your municipality seamlessly transition into the field of Property Standards enforcement.

  • Drafting a Property Standards By-law - OAPSO has developed a model Property Standards By-law which is leading edge and responsive to the needs of municipalities and residents - the by-law is customizable and can be tailored for your municipality quickly and easily;
  • Property Standards Appeal Committee Implementation - OAPSO can provide you with guidance and advice on leading best practices for the establishment of a Property Standards Appeal Committee, including committee composition, format of meetings, note taking, and follow-up documentation;
  • Training on Property Standards Enforcement Processes - OAPSO's respected and Provincially recognized training programs are specific to the field of Property Standards and can help prepare your municipal staff for enforcement of a Property Standards By-law;
  • Balancing the Interests of Complainants with the Rights of Property Owners - OAPSO's experienced Board of Directors can provide your municipality with functional advice when dealing with contentious circumstances or unusual property matters;
  • General Support and Advice - OAPSO can be a valuable contact point for your municipality - whether staff need advice about Property Standards matters related to maintenance, hoarding, plumbing, electrical, interior standards, rental unit standards, or vacant lands and buildings, OAPSO is here to offer support and guidance to our members.

To find out more about OAPSO and the benefits of becoming a member today, please visit our membership page.