OAPSO's Multi-Stage Training Course

The OAPSO Certification Training Program consists of three one week courses, Part One (Basic), Part Two (Intermediate), and Part Three (Advanced) which are offered annually at the Annual Training Session and Conference.


Each course consists of three classroom components; an investigation component, a legal component, and a construction component.

It is recommended that the courses are taken in order (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3). 


Part One (Basic) Course Overview


Investigation: Provides instruction in basic investigation techniques, evidence gathering, note taking, and preparation for an appeal before a Property Standards Appeals Committee.


Legal: Addresses the Canadian legal system from the British North American Acts and the Baldwin Act right up to the current Building Code Act.


Construction: Follows the construction of a single family dwelling unit, as referenced in the Ontario Building Code Part 9 from footings to chimney.


Part Two (Intermediate) Course Overview


Investigation: Centres around the process of an Emergency Order under Section 15.7 of the Building Code Act, and Orders for expert examination under Second 15.8 of the Building Code Act, as well as preparation for trial.


Legal: Examines the court justice system, including the physical layout of a courtroom, the roles of the different judicial officers, how to prepare for court, how to give evidence and court decorum.


Construction: Looks at services including electrical, plumbing and H.V.A.C.


Part Three (Advanced) Course Overview


Investigation: Centres around the process of a search warrant conducted under the provisions of the Building Code Act.


Legal: Examines current and relevant case laws and how they impacts our processes.


Construction: Looks at poured concrete construction, and the building envelope.

More Information

In addition to the above, each course has a practical sub-component. The Part One and Part Two students will conduct a group inspection of an actual property. Information obtained during the inspection is used to prepare a Property Standards Order.


Part One students will create and then defend a Property Standards Order during a mock Property Standards Appeal.


Part Two students will create and then defend a Section 15.7(1) Emergency Order during a mock trial.


Part Three  students will prepare and submit a search warrant application under the Ontario Building Code Act.


These components are worth 10% of the students’ final mark.


Each student is required to write an exam at the end of each Part, for which each component (investigation, legal, construction) is worth 30%, with the final 10% assigned based on the practical sub-component. In order to achieve a passing grade, a student must obtain a minimum mark of 50% in each of the components with a minimum final overall mark of 70%. If the student is unsuccessful, they are provided one free proctored exam re-write.​