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Certified Property Standards Officer (C.P.S.O.) Designation

On June 25, 1992, the Provincial Government, during the 2nd Session of the Legislature, passed Bill Pr22, An Act respecting the Ontario Association of Property Standard Officers, legislation that allows certification of those members who meet the following conditions:

  • two years experience in the field as a Property Standards Officer, and successful completion of the multi-stage training course,


  • two years of experience in the field as a Property Standards Officer, and successful completion of a challenge exam set and monitored by the Association

Members who qualify and are approved for certification are permitted use of the designation C.P.S.O. "Certified Property Standards Officer".

If you meet the qualifications listed above and would like to apply for certification, please complete and submit the online Certification Application Form below, including payment of the application fee.

Once your form and payment have been submitted, a committee will consider your application for certification. This committee meets quarterly so there may be a delay between the time you apply and the time your application is considered. Once your application has been considered, you will hear back from the Association with the results.

Please note that the online form found below is not supported by some versions of Internet Explorer.

For any questions related to certification, please contact Director Stephen Jamieson.

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Certification is available to any Full Member or Corporate Member in good standing with the Ontario Association of Property Standards Officers who meets the qualifications listed above.

Cost:                $136.00

Admin Fee:     $23.00

Total:               $159.00

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