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Allison Henshall, C.M.M III, CPSO

Presidents message...

     Since 1974, OAPSO has played a fundamental role in promoting and maintaining standards related to property maintenance, occupancy, repair, and environmental considerations in Ontario. The association's focus on providing training to municipal personnel involved in the administration and enforcement of Property Standards and other relevant legislation underscores our commitment to ensuring a high level of professionalism and expertise in this field.


     The Ontario Association of Property Standard Officers (OAPSO) serves as a valuable resource and support network for its members, especially in the face of new and evolving challenges. Key benefits include: Knowledge Exchange: Officers benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of the association's membership, sharing insights, best practices, and lessons learned.


     Professional Support: The ability to reach out to the Board of Directors or fellow members provides an avenue for seeking advice and support. This is important when dealing with complex situations, such as those involving aggression, mental health issues, or homelessness.


     Collaboration and Networking: The association facilitates collaboration and networking among members leading to the development of different approaches and creative solutions to address the unique challenges faced by Property Standards Officers.


     Professional Development: The association provides opportunities for ongoing professional development, important in a field where regulations and situations can evolve. This ensures that officers are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills.


      Peer Support: The ability to connect with fellow officers who are experiencing similar challenges fosters a sense of camaraderie and understanding. Peer support is invaluable in managing stress and navigating difficult situations.


     In essence, OAPSO plays a pivotal role in creating a supportive community for Property Standards Officers, offering resources and avenues for collaboration that can contribute to the overall effectiveness and well-being of our members. In celebrating our 50 th Anniversary, we honor the association's rich history and the contributions of its members over the past five decades. Plans include offering exclusive training opportunities for our members, guest speakers and a big party during our Annual Training Seminar, hosting a golf tournament and commissioning a Collective Coin to mark this milestone. I invite you all to join us as OAPSO recognizes 50 years of building better communities through Property Standards.



Allison Henshall, CPSO Professional, CMMII, MLEO(c) 

President, OAPSO

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of a group of dedicated individuals who bring a wide range of experience to the table. We are working towards maintaining our standards of service, and dedication to training our membership and providing them with the best possible representation amongst the industry.

2022 Annual Training Seminar 

The 2022 Annual Training Seminar was held in Kingston in May and was an overwhelming success. Thank you to all members who attended. It was wonderful to be back in person again and I am looking forward to seeing many familiar faces and meeting new members at the 2023 ATS in London.  Applications for the 2023 ATS will be posted on our website, and spaces fill up fast so please make sure you check the website regularly.

In Closing...

You will all notice that our Facebook page has had more activity lately.  Our new Communications Directors Caitlin and Michelle will be busy ensuring members are kept up to date through our website and Facebook page.  I encourage everyone to join our Facebook page and stay tuned for the opportunity to win prizes.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to any of the members of the Board. We are happy to help.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to wish all members a safe and happy fall and winter.


Allison Henshall, C.M.M II, CPSO

President, OAPSO

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