The Ontario Association of Property Standards Officers is the leading professional association for the field of Property Standards.

The purpose of the Association is to provide training to municipal personnel engaged in the administration or the enforcement of legislation governing the maintenance, occupancy, repair and improvement of property and the environment.

The Association has representation from municipalities and Government agencies from across Ontario. This representation provides our members with a diverse range of experience to draw upon.

Recent News and Highlights

President’s Message

October 1, 2020


President’s message:


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the membership for their ongoing support of OAPSO and to update our membership on the affairs of the Association. Your Board has been finalizing details of the upcoming AGM and the 2021 Annual Training Session. As you are aware we have had to cancel this years Annual Training Session. We have since confirmed that the 2021 Training session will take place at the same venue at Fanshawe College in London on May 16-21, 2021. Please note that spots are very limited as many chose the option to reserve their spot from this year. The registration form is on the website and will be first come first serve.


The board has the responsibility to fulfill the Associations obligations as per our bylaw, the Board has made the decision to not hold a regional conference this year.  In light of the restrictions put in place with Covid and to maintain the social distancing requirements the Board will be having an executive AGM comprised of the Board members in November. We will be providing the committee reports to the membership via our website so that the membership is informed of the associations actions and business.  The Board will hold off on any major changes that would require the membership to vote.  Those changes will be reserved for the 2021 AGM.  Please refer to the website for the current Board of Directors and their committees if you have any questions.


The Board of Directors of the Ontario Association of Property Standards Officers would like to wish all the members a safe and healthy fall and winter.



Philip Cassata, B.A.A. (Hons), C.M.M. III Executive, C.P.S.0

Instructors Wanted!!

INSTRUCTORS WANTED!! OAPSO is currently recruiting instructors for its legal and investigation and construction components.


The Education and Training Committee is seeking motivated and dedicated individuals to become new instructors.


If you:


    - Have a thorough knowledge and enthusiasm for your subject

    - Understand the mission statement of OAPSO and believe in delivering a consistent message

    - Are current in your field and are able to update training materials to keep topics relevant


We may have the perfect opportunity for you! Make a difference, by Joining our knowledgeable experienced instructors, and be part of shaping and guiding the next generation of Property Standards Officers.


Are you ready to put your teaching skills to use? If so, we have an eager audience waiting to benefit from your knowledge and experience!


This is a volunteer position. Expenses involving mileage, food and accommodations are reimbursed by OAPSO upon approval by the General Secretary.


The requirements are as follows:

      - Consistency of message - Instructors that understand the mission statement of OAPSO. 

      - Current in their field - Updating material to keep topics current and relevant. 

      - Commitment - Attend the ATS, Dedicated training as needed, education meetings and  travelling across Ontario as required.

      - Excellent Communication, Interpersonal and Presentation skills.

      - Thorough knowledge and understanding of their topic of instruction and enthusiasm for the subject.

      - Experience in a classroom environment preferable.

      - Ability to take feedback and constructive criticism.

      - C.P.S.O designation is recommended.

      - 5-10 years experience in property standards enforcement.

      - Written approval/support by employer authorizing their participation as an instructor. 


Any inquiries can be made to Allison Henshall.

2021 Annual Training Seminar

2021 Annual Training Seminar​

Applications for the 2021 ATS are available online now. Space is very limited and will fill up quickly.

Part 1 is now at compacity. Part 2, 3, and 4 still have spots available.

Click the button below to be directed to the 2021 Annual Training Seminar. 

The Property Standard Newsletter

​The Property Standard is looking for articles and authors!!.

​We at OAPSO understand that connecting now is difficult. Our world has moved from handshakes to elbow bumps, from in-class learning to online meetings, so we are doing our best to keep our membership informed, but we would like your help. OAPSO is looking for articles for our newsletter.


We are asking frontline staff to write about their expertise in any area, experiences whether good or bad, or really anything that they think will benefit our community. We are encouraging managers and supervisors to embolden their staff to put something together.


For their efforts OAPSO will be sending out swag to both the author and the manager/supervisor that supported it. We may not be able to share our stories and knowledge in person right now, but that doesn’t have to prevent us from helping each other out.


If you have an article you would like to submit please contact Director Dave Chatwell at

Click the button below for The Property Standard - Summer 2020 Edition. 

2020 Memberships Are Now Due

Your 2020 OAPSO Membership is now due.


Please ensure that you apply for or renew your membership as soon as possible so that you can take advantage of membership rates on training through OAPSO and so you can vote at the AGM.

Click the button below to be directed to the Membership Page. 

Impacted by Bill 204? New to Property Standards?

Find out how the Ontario Association of Property Standards Officers can help. 


  • Drafting a Property Standards By-law

  • Property Standards Appeal Committee Implementation

  • Training on Property Standards Enforcement Processes

  • Balancing the Interests of Complainants with the Rights of Property Owners

  • General Support and Advice

To find out more, please click the button below.

Property Standards Appeal Committee Training

The Ontario Association of Property Standards Officers provides Property Standards Appeal Committee Training.

Training includes information about the Building Code Act, Property Standards, the investigative process, powers and responsibilities of an officer, duties of the committee, appeal format, powers of the committee, and communicating committee decisions.


For more information about Property Standards Appeal Committee Training, please contact Director Stephen Jamieson.

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