The Ontario Association of Property Standards Officers is the leading professional association for the field of Property Standards.

The purpose of the Association is to provide training to municipal personnel engaged in the administration or the enforcement of legislation governing the maintenance, occupancy, repair and improvement of property and the environment.

The Association has representation from municipalities and Government agencies from across Ontario. This representation provides our members with a diverse range of experience to draw upon.

Recent News and Highlights

President’s Message

August 30, 2021

I would like to take this opportunity to address our Membership,

As you are aware we had to cancel yet again another year of training at Fanshawe college due to the uncertain circumstances surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are currently running our ATS in four separate training sessions at the Novotel Hotel in Vaughan. Your OAPSO Board believes in the importance of providing training to its members.  In addition to the excellent training provided, OAPSO is the leader in Property Standards Training and is an influential partner in the ongoing changes to enforcement.

This year we will forgo an in person AGM and will have the AGM amongst the Board Members to satisfy our By-Law requirements. Once again, no major changes will take place until we are able to have an in person AGM where the members can vote on the issues raised.

In 2020, it was decided that OAPSO would forgo an election and I thank the existing board members for staying on an extra year.  This year however we do not have the luxury to forego another election due to the number of vacancies that are present, therefore we will be having an election and it will be held electronically.

There are currently (9) vacancies available varying from 1- 3 year terms.  Terms will be allocated based on the number of votes received per candidate.

Please note that being on the OAPSO Board of Directors is an important and crucial position to hold to ensure the ongoing success of this organization and this commitment should not be taken lightly.

The following is expected of Board Members:

  • this is a volunteer position with permitted expenses being covered,

  • there are typically 4 board meetings a year with a one week commitment for the Annual Training Session which can be held anywhere in Ontario and board meetings typically occur on the weekend,

  • you are expected to have your employers support and both personal time and some work time will be needed.

  • there may be occasions where board members will need to go to trade shows or conferences to represent OAPSO


All members that are in good standing may run for the Board.


Voting will take place electronically and you will receive an email with instructions on how to place your vote.

Anyone interested in running for the Board will be required to submit a photo (headshot) and a brief biography and reasons you want to run for the Board.  This must be submitted no later than September 21, 2021.

Voting will commence on September 21, 2021 and the voting will close on October 1, 2021.  Results will be posted online and the first Board meeting is scheduled for October 16, 2021 in person at the Novotel Hotel in Vaughan. 

All submissions are to be emailed to


I would like to wish you all the best and good luck to all those running for the OAPSO Board of Directors!


Philip Cassata, B.A.A. (Hons), C.M.M. III Executive, C.P.S.0

2021 Election

2021 OAPSO election is live and your vote matters!

The names are in and the 2021 election has begun. There our ten candidates vying for nine seats on the board. Below you will find the positions, terms and procedure for the election.

3 Year Term - Four Positions

2 Year Term - Four Positions

1 Year Term - One Position

Below you will will find the procedure the will govern the 2021 Online Election:

The election section on the website will go live at 9:00 AM on September 21, 2021. The Election will cease at 4:30 PM on October 1, 2021.

Candidates will submit their bios up until 8:00 AM on September 21, 2021. There will be no bios accepted after that time with one exception. Should the there not be enough candidates running as there are open board seats, bios will still be accepted. Once the number of candidates reaches the number of open seats, the election will be declared.

The election shall proceed as normal provided there are more candidates than seats on the board.

              To vote you will need to provide:

  • Your first and last name

  • Your work email (you must work for a municipality. Personal email will only be accepted if you are a venerable member)

  • Your employer


Any ballots without the above information will be considered invalid.


You must also be eligible to vote in order for your vote to count. Please make sure that your corporate or venerable membership is current and up to date. If it is not, your vote will not count.

You may select anywhere from one to nine names on your ballot. Should you exceed nine, your ballot will become void.  

The number of votes per municipality may not exceed the number of allowable votes. Please verify how many votes that your municipality is allowed and confer with your fellow staff to no exceed that number. Any votes cast above and beyond the maximum amount will be voided.

Once the election has been completed and the results calculated, the results will be posted online. The terms will be given to the candidates on number of votes cast, the most getting three-year terms, followed by two-year terms, the lowest successful candidate getting the one-year term. In the event of a tie between terms, the candidates will be asked if an individual would wish to take the lesser term, if all parties decline, a one-day special election will take place with the same rules applying. If the one-day election results in a tie, the candidates will prepare a presentation for the board on why they are deserving of the higher term. The candidates will each have five minutes to state their case. Neither candidate will be allowed in the room while the other(s) is presenting. After the presentations have concluded, the board will immediately vote without debate and decide who the higher term goes to. The vote will be anonymous but will be recorded in the minutes of the meeting. The Past President and Administrative Secretary will act as scrutineers for the vote.

In the event that only nine candidate runs, they will be considered duly elected. An election will still take place in order to determine terms for the candidates. Please refer to above should any ties take place.

The election results will be posted online on October 4, 2021, provided that a special election was not called for.

Please click on the link below for the list of candidates and to submit your ballot.

Good luck to all though who run and look well to your ballots.

Annual Training Seminar

2021 ATS Cancelled!

The 2021 ATS has been cancelled. The ATS committee tried to reschedule it for August; unfortunately, the college was not able to confirm any other dates in 2021. The ATS committee is currently looking at smaller single training seminars to be held later in the fall. The only people that will be available to attend these training seminars are the ones currently registered for the ATS. Refunds are available for should you wish to give up your spot, but you will forfeit your spot to someone on the waiting list.


Should you require a refund please contact our treasurer.

The Property Sandard Newsletter - New Edition Available!

The Property Standard is looking for articles and authors!!

We at OAPSO understand that connecting now is difficult. Our world has moved from handshakes to elbow bumps, from in-class learning to online meetings, so we are doing our best to keep our membership informed, but we would like your help. OAPSO is looking for articles for our newsletter.


We are asking frontline staff to write about their expertise in any area, experiences whether good or bad, or really anything that they think will benefit our community. We are encouraging managers and supervisors to embolden their staff to put something together.


For their efforts OAPSO will be sending out swag to both the author and the manager/supervisor that supported it. We may not be able to share our stories and knowledge in person right now, but that doesn’t have to prevent us from helping each other out.


If you have an article you would like to submit please contact Director Dave Chatwell.

Click the button below for The Property Standard - Spring 2021 Edition. 

Membership Fees

Your 2021 OAPSO Membership is now due.

Please ensure that you apply for or renew your membership as soon as possible so that you can take advantage of membership rates on training through OAPSO and so you can vote at the AGM.

Click the button below to be directed to the Membership Page.

Impacted by Bill 204? New to Property Standards?

Find out how the Ontario Association of Property Standards Officers can help. 

  • Drafting a Property Standards By-law

  • Property Standards Appeal Committee Implementation

  • Training on Property Standards Enforcement Processes

  • Balancing the Interests of Complainants with the Rights of Property Owners

  • General Support and Advice

To find out more, please click the button below.

Property Standards Appeal Committee Training

The Ontario Association of Property Standards Officers provides Property Standards Appeal Committee Training.

Training includes information about the Building Code Act, Property Standards, the investigative process, powers and responsibilities of an officer, duties of the committee, appeal format, powers of the committee, and communicating committee decisions.


For more information about Property Standards Appeal Committee Training, please contact Director Stephen Jamieson

Membership has its privileges! 

OAPSO Members now Qualify for 15% Discount on Home and Auto Insurance

OAPSO has entered into an agreement with Cowan Insurance Group for a 15% discount on home and Auto insurance. Click the button below for more details.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Director Alex Wray.

Passing of Yvon Cousineau

In Memory of a Friend and Colleague

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Yvon Cousineau. Our thoughts and Sympathies are with his family, friends, and all the people whose life was touched by Yvon.


Below you can find the In Memoriam.