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Ontario Municipal Management Institute -
Property Standards Enhancements

The Ontario Association of Property Standards Officers has a partnership with the Ontario Municipal Management Institute (OMMI).  This partnership allows members of OAPSO to obtain an enhanced Certified Municipal Manager (CMM) credential with career specific recognition in Property Standards.

OMMI formed in the 1980s and in May 1988 Private Member’s Bill (PR 27) accorded legal status and recognition to the Certified Municipal Manager designation awarded by the Institute.  

The CMM accreditation program has been designed to develop management capabilities of Ontario’s municipal administrators by means of a system of recognition. It provides an administrator with a working framework to assess management skills and provides direction.  Over 2,000 local government administrators, from front-line staff to senior managers, possess the CMM credential, representing 30 professions in the local government sector throughout Ontario.

The Property Standards enhancements to the CMM accreditation program will permit OAPSO members who have met the CMM and Property Standards Enhancement requirements to obtain additional career specific recognition and use the legally recognized designation of CMM Property Standards “Specialist” and “Professional”.

For further information about the Ontario Municipal Management Institute, the Certified Municipal Manager credential and the Property Standards Supplemental application forms please visit

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