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Nomination Form - 2024 AGM

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The affairs of the Association shall be managed by twelve (12) Directors plus the immediate Past President and may include one Life Member as appointed by the Board.

Members as duly nominated shall be elected to the position of Director by a ballot. Each Director shall hold office for a term of three (3) years or until his or her qualified successor shall have been duly elected. One Third (1/3) of the Board shall be retired at each Annual Meeting, but shall be eligible for reelection, if qualified. The remaining Two Third (2/3) shall be retired at the following two subsequent Annual Meetings, but shall be eligible for re-election, if qualified.

Click here for more information about article 7.00 Board of Directors.

Nominstion Form

Nomination Form

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Support from your employer is recommended for time commitment purposes.


Candidates wishing to run for the board, requires to nominations from members in good standing.  Please provide your two backers below (this is for internal confirmation only and does not populate on the Candidate's profile.

We have received and thank you for your nomination and interest in joining OAPSO's Board of Directors.  Your candidate profile has now been added.  Check it out.

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